Research into Triggers to Shift Populations with Faster Rail

The National Faster Rail Agency engaged Quantum Market Research to undertake a stated preference survey of 6,000 residents of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane (2,000 residents each) to understand key travel time and policy parameters that influence people’s decisions to consider moving from a capital city to a regional centre that could be linked by faster rail.

The response of survey participants to the idea of faster rail connections between major capitals and key regional centres was overwhelmingly positive. Almost half of respondents (48 per cent in Sydney, 45 per cent in Brisbane, and 44 per cent in Melbourne) said they would likely consider moving to a regional centre if faster rail services to regional areas were available.

Opportunities to refine and enhance infrastructure project evaluation frameworks

December 2020

The National Faster Rail Agency commissioned Economic Connections Pty Ltd to undertake a detailed analysis of opportunities to refine and enhance national-level appraisal frameworks which guide the development of infrastructure business cases and project evaluations.

Economic Connections’ report provided conclusions and recommendations regarding the assessment of city and region-shaping impacts, the setting of discount rates, the length of appraisal periods, opportunities for whole-of-corridor analysis, opportunities to use supplementary modelling and analysis, and the alignment of policy and project objectives.

Since the publication of Economic Connections’ report, Infrastructure Australia has released a major refresh of the Infrastructure Australia Assessment Framework (July 2021).