Indexed List of Agency Files List (Harradine Report)

Every six months, the National Faster Rail Agency is required to prepare a response to the Senate Order of Continuing Effect for Indexed List of Agency Files (more often known as “the Harradine Report”, as the order was instigated by then Senator Harradine in 1996).

This order requires that an indexed list of all files, created in the central offices of all Federal Government agencies, be published to the Internet, so it is accessible to the public and can assist with Freedom of Information requests.

The Senate Order of Continuing Effect requires that only relevant file titles be published on the Agency's website and allows for the following exclusions to be made:

  • Case related files (e.g. personal representations or dealings with the personal affairs of policy departments or tax payers);
  • Files related to the internal administration of the Agency;
  • Containing commercially confidential or identifiably personal information;

Indexed list of files